Classical Revolution PHX (CRPHX) aims to bring chamber music to the masses, stripping away the classical music ‘pedestal’ by performing in unusual spaces and making the music accessible to the public. CRPHX is here to invigorate audience interest, break traditional expectations of ‘classical’ music, demonstrate the connection between humanity and classical music and present concerts involving traditional and non-traditional approaches. CRPHX performances take place in cafes, pubs, clubs, homes, on public transportation, in open spaces and beyond – and can feature collaborations with local musicians and artists from various styles and backgrounds.

The ‘Classical Revolution’ began in San Francisco in 2006 at the Revolution Cafe amongst a group of classical musicians wanting to bring the timeless themes of Haydn, Beethoven, and Shostakovich into a more casual coffeehouse setting. Their purpose was to break down the traditional expectations of classical music by making it truly accessible.

We wanted to bring some of the same energy here to Phoenix. It’s such a great concept and with so many classical music happenings in Phoenix, it just makes sense to take this music into the community – on public transportation, into pubs, open spaces, alternative venues, and beyond – and expose the art form to new audiences.

And so we introduce Classical Revolution PHX to you – a new advocacy group for classical music in the Phoenix Metro area.

CLASSICAL REVOLUTION PHX Organizers: Mike Hernandez, Joey Kleusener, Patrick Murphy, Maureen O’Brien, Katie Palmer, and Jen Rogers.